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FAQ - Multi Trekking

Is this trip physically demanding?

Well if you got as far as reading this chapter, you are not the type of person that spend the holyday drinking white wine on a hammock and not move until cocktail hour! Some stretch of Body Rafting can be physically demanding and during the trekking we will encounter some steep hill, but nothing to worry about we are not organizing an iron man contest. 

Will I be covered by an insurance during the Trekkings?

Sicily Active has an insurance coverage during any activity, the multi-sports, multi trekking week and for individual activities.

Does Sicily Active have family trips?

The minimum age for our trips is 10 years old. All the minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

How many people will be on my trip?

In Italy, we say that the good wine comes in small tanks, which is why we keep our group sizes down. This means we are small enough to remain flexible as we thread our way through small communities. On most of our trips, you will be part of an intimate group of 2-12 people, though our group sizes are on average eight people.

Who will be my group leader?

Ivano or Vera will be your leader, two joyful persons who find great pride in showing the island to whoever is curious about it. Check out "About Us" at the top of the Home page.

Which language our leader will use?

English is the main language used throughout the tours, but Ivano and Vera speak Spanish, Italian and French.

Can I make any changes to the itinerary of my group trip, either before or during the trip?

Please make sure you are happy with your group trip itinerary before booking because we are unable to change them for individual travellers. However, if you and a group of friends, colleagues or even your school would like your own personally designed itinerary, get in contact with us, we can tailor an itinerary just for you.

Can I add an extra night on the beginning or end of my group trip, either before or during the trip?

You sure can. Just ask Ivano or Vera

Can we book a triple room?

Depending on the trip you choose, our trips are organised on a twin or triple. If the bookings are made well in advance, individual room requests can be guaranteed.

I have special dietary requirements will they be catered for?

We will try our very best to accommodate all dietary requirements and most of the time we guarantee. We will let you know if there are places on your itinerary where your needs cannot be accommodated. Please let us know at the time of booking of any food requirements or allergies and we will pass the information onto your leader.

What will the food be like on my trip?

Food is one of the most exciting parts of travel. There may be some familiar food but sometimes you will be confronted with the new. Carbonara, Lasagna, and most of the food commonly associated around the world with the Italian cuisine are not Sicilian. Sicily has his own dishes, Sicilian eat many veggies no much meat and is not uncommon to have a fish based main course.


Make sure that your identity card, passport and driver's license are valid and are not about to expire.

Must have

Since you are going on an active holiday, make sure you leave some room in your luggage for a good pair of trekking boots, a rain jacket, a warm jumper, a sun hat, sun protection, insect repellent.