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Body Rafting gole alcantara

Meeting on green tourism at the Alcantara Geological and botanic Park

Gole Alcantara
Pubblicato il: 04/18/2024 - 18:55 Da: ivanolu

Tourism sustainability is one of the most important factors of our industry. The conference on April 22 will implement the foundations for an awareness of the human...

canyoning shoes

Best Body Rafting Footwears

Body Rafting Equipment
Pubblicato il: 03/06/2023 - 18:46 Da: ivanolu

A brief article that compares three different types of footwears used in Body rafting. Prices, durability and confort.

a Girl taking part in a body rafting

Body Rafting in Sicily

River Activities
Pubblicato il: 03/04/2023 - 18:42 Da: ivanolu

The body Rafting is a mix of river trekking, canyoning without the use of ropes and the use of the body to slide along some stretchh of the river Alcantara. The gear...